Tele-DERM Process
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 Tele-DERM Process

Process of Tele-DERM​

        1. Typically, a patient walks in to a polyclinic and will be seen by the attending primary care physician.

        2. The primary care physician will then refer patient to the Derm Champ (refer to FAQ) if patient has skin concerns,                   patient will then be asked to wait outside consult room in the polyclinic.

        3. The Derm Champ will act as the first point of triage for patient’s case and assess whether patient:
                A. Can be managed by Derm Champ him/herself at primary care,
                B. Requires additional input from skin specialist via Tele-DERM or
                C. Necessitates a referral to NSC for specialised care

        4. If patient’s case only presents questionable doubts that can be resolved with Tele-DERM, Derm Champs will send                 the patient’s case notes, medical history and photos to the econsult platform on Tele-DERM.

        5. The Derm Champ will then call the skin specialist NSC (one assigned everyday) to inform them that they just sent                 over a case that requires their input.

        6. NSC specialist will log into Tele-DERM and review the case. They will then discuss with the Derm Champ on the                   patient’s case and treatment plan within the econsult portal.

        7. The Derm Champ will then convey the agreed care and treatment plan to the attending primary care physician,                     and they in turn will call the patient back into the consult room and discuss the treatment plan and prescribed                         medication accordingly.
The application of Telehealth technology for consultation and follow-up of skin conditions allows NSC doctors to make an accurate diagnosis with high-resolution images quickly without a physical visit by the patient.

Patients with less complex skin conditions can now be managed at the polyclinics without incurring time and travel expense to visit NSC. ​