Dermatological and Laser Surgery Unit
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 Dermatological and Laser Surgery Unit

 Dermatological and Laser Surgery Unit

​Mandalay Clinic (MAC) Laser Suites provide a comprehensive range of procedural dermatological services. The facility houses four consultation rooms, six laser suites with adjoining recovery rooms, two nurse counselling rooms, and a photography room. The entire facility was meticulously designed to ensure smooth workflow and accord patients with maximal privacy in an elegant setting.

Carbon dioxide laser in use at the operating theatre

Clinical Indicator:

Infection Rates of Procedures
The Unit attends to patients with various dermatological conditions that require cold steel surgery and laser procedures. The most impactful surgical procedures are selected annually, scrutinised and monitored for post-procedure infection rates. This rigorous process is facilitated through collaboration with the Infection Control Committee of the Centre.The zero infection rate achieved so far demonstrates that our infection control measures are in place. These measures include taking the necessary precautions in having appropriately trained staff and following through proper pre and post-procedure care to minimise risk of infections.

  • 2009 –​ Facial excision : 0%
  • 2010  for Mini Grafting : 0%
  • 2011  For Moh's Surgical Procedure : 0%
  • 2012  For Tumour Surgery : 0%, Scalp Surgery : 0%
  • 2013 – Moh’s Micrographic Surgeries: 0%
  • 2014 – Surgical Site Infection rate : 0.04%
  • 2015  Moh's Micrographic Surgeries: 0.6%
  • 2016  Moh's Micrographic Surgeries and Tumour Surgeries: 0%
  • 2017 - Moh's Micrographic Surgeries: 0%
  • 2018 - Tumour Surgeries: 0%
  • 2019 - Moh’s Micrographic Surgeries: 0%
  • 2020 - Surgical Procedures with STO (done by 1st  & 2nd Years Senior Residents): 0%​
  • 2021 - Surgical Procedures with STO (done by 1st  & 2nd Years Senior Residents): 0%​

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Last updated on 04 Apr 2022