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  27 Mar 2020


One of our doctors has been tested positive for COVID-19 on 26 March 2020.

She was last at work on 25 March 2020. During dermatological consults to patients, the doctor wore surgical face masks and gloves, keeping contact time with patients to less than 30 minutes. 3 other doctors who had close contact with the doctor are now under quarantine. As a precautionary measure, any staff working in NSC who has any respiratory symptoms will be tested.

Patient safety is our priority. NSC has thoroughly disinfected its clinics, high-touch and waiting areas upon receiving notification of the case on 26 March. The whole centre has again undergone complete disinfection on the same evening. The entire centre was fumigated for disinfection yesterday evening with high-contact surfaces thoroughly cleansed. Infection control measures have been implemented at NSC since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak to minimise the risk of transmission. These include high frequency daily cleaning, social distancing and minimizing of all physical meetings.

We are working closely with MOH to identify further contacts that need to be traced and isolated, including patients and staff. This includes conducting staff interviews and detailed checking of clinic records, the objective of which is to further limit the risk of transmission to patients and staff.

All staff have been reminded to observe high standards of personal hygiene and health with frequent hand washing, observing safe distancing and twice daily temperature taking. They have been advised to seek medical attention if they have flu-like symptoms such as runny nose, cough, shortness of breath, and to return to work only when fully well.
Moving forward, these are the further measures put implemented for the COVID-19 situation:

  1. Increased frequency of daily cleaning and disinfection of the Centre
  2. Contact tracing and isolation of close contacts, staff and patients
  3. Any staff who may experience respiratory symptoms will be tested

NSC remains committed to providing a safe environment to care for our patients. We will remain open to serve our patients. For patients who may wish to defer their appointments, please email appointment@nsc.com.sg

Last updated on 27 Mar 2020