NSC wins at the NHG Awards Ceremony 2017
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 NSC wins at the NHG Awards Ceremony 2017

 NSC wins at the NHG Awards Ceremony 2017

  24 Aug 2017

​​​​​NSC wins at the NHG Awards Ceremony 2017

Ms Madalene Yeo, Corporate Communications Executive​

Tele-DERM receives the NHG Team Recognition Award (Gold)​

At the 2017 National Healthcare Group (NHG) Awards ceremony held at Tan Tock Seng Hospital on 12 July 2017, Tele-DERM, the National Skin Centre (NSC)’s collaborative project with National Healthcare Group Polyclinics (NHGP) was awarded the NHG Team Recognition Award (Gold).  The annual award ceremony honours outstanding individuals and teams for their efforts in improving the quality of healthcare in Singapore. Aiming to provide greater accessibility to skin care for the community at primary-care level, Tele-DERM services were rolled out across the NHG Polyclinics. 

The Tele-DERM team members include NSC Consultants Dr Heng Yee Kiat and Dr Tan Wei Sheng, Clinic Operations Manager Mr Johnny Foo, MIS Manager Ms Ngan Ai Khim and our fellow NHGP colleagues Dr Kong Jing Wen, Deputy Head of Hougang Polyclinic and Dr Simon Lee Chief Medical Informatics Officer, NHGP. ). 

“Working as part of the Tele-DERM project team, I had the opportunity to visit all the NHG Polyclinics and get to know the dermatology champions. This made subsequent interactions for the project smoother. It was also through the on-site induction from the family physicians that we were able to understand some of the challenges primary-care physicians face when they need to refer their patients to the specialist centres. With the implementation of Tele-DERM, this process facilitates the escalation of referrals and provides an avenue to manage the cases in a timelier manner. A closer working relationship is also fostered between the dermatologists and the family physicians” said Mr Johnny Foo.


Caption: [From left] Ms Ngan Ai Khim, Dr Kong Jing Wen and Mr Johnny Foo receiving the award presented by Prof Lim Tock Han, Deputy Group CEO (Education and Research) of NHG [Far right]​

Dr Martin Chio awarded the NHG Education Leaders Award


​​Caption: Dr Martin Chio (left) receiving the NHG Education Leaders award from Prof Eugene Fidelis Soh (right), CEO of Tan Tock Seng Hospital​​

At the awards ceremony, Senior Consultant Dr Martin Chio was also lauded for his dedication to teaching. The NHG Education Leaders Award recognises NHG staff with leadership roles in various areas relevant to education. Apart from sharing knowledge and expertise, these individuals also possess emotional capabilities to lead and inspire people to achieve excellence in their specialised field.   ​

​​As an expert on Sexually Transmitted Infections, Dr Chio is the head of DSC (Department of Sexually Transmitted Infections Control Clinic), overseeing STI education and teaching programmes under the Dermatology Residency Programme. He is also the Chairman for the Chapter of Dermatologists at the Academy of Medicine in Singapore.

Last updated on 25 Aug 2017