NSC’s Key Milestones
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 NSC’s Key Milestones

 NSC’s Key Milestones


Introduced pilot project ‘Tele-DERM’ between NSC and NHG Polyclinics (NHGP) at Hougang Polyclinic​.

​2015 ​Launch of ‘Quality@NSC’ 25th Anniversary Book​
​​​2014 ​Celebrated 25th Anniversary with Charity Walk in August in aid of Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA)​
​​​Introduction of NSC’s dermatological nursing support to nursing homes​.
Lions Home for the Elders the first nursing home to engage the service.
​​Open House in November​​


NSC, along with Nanyang Technological University and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research, established the 100-million dollar Skin Research Institute of Singapore

The Department of STI Control (DSC) launched the latest edition of the Management Guidelines on Sexually Transmitted Infections

Launched the New Nurse Led Women's Clinic at DSC

DSC launched new mobile app: “Get Them Tested”

DSC launched new book- STI Management Guidelines 6th Edition


Formal launch of Patient Health Portal

Nurse-led Warts Clinic set up in subsidised and non-subsidised clinics

Launch of Eczema Support Group


New Sub-specialty Itch Clinic started

Improvements made to Electronic Medical Records to allow patients to read instructions and sign electronically to give consent

New Nurse Counselling Service for Skin Conditions started

Launch of Psoriasis Right Siting Management programme (PRiSM) to direct stable psoriasis patient to GPs for long-term treatment and care

New Thinprep Pap Test made available at DSC Clinic

NSC became first healthcare institution in South East Asia to launch the Patient Health Portal.

Dermatology Nursing Chapter Inaugurated to provide nurses with a platform to share their expertise in dermatology

Psoriasis Right Siting Management Programme – or PRiSM – launched to enable NSC’s specialists and GP alumni who are graduands of the Graduate Diploma in Family Practice Dermatology to better care for patients with Psoriasis.


Green@NSC Committee formed in Feb to make NSC a more environmentally friendly workplace

Inaugural Admin/Ancillary Day celebrated

Youth Olympic Games: NSC sent two executives to assist in manning venues and medical centres

Improvement made to F & G Clinics to increase the capacity to handle growing patient load

New services offered at Drug Eruption Clinic to investigate drug-induced reactions, such as skin prink test

Additional Wednesday evening clinics for subsidised patients and additional Tuesday morning paediatric clinics were introduced


Launch of new men's clinic and expansion of women’s clinic in DSC

NSC extended its wireless internet coverage with the launch of Wireless@NSC service

Reaching out to the needy - NSC staff visited homes of 30 NSC patients to bring food and other necessities

Teledermatology Case Discussion Portal launched for NSC’s medical staff

NSC became first healthcare institution in Singapore to offer VTRAC Excimer Lamp Service

Appointment Booking System implemented in DSC to better manage patient load and reduce waiting time


NSC's 20th Anniversary Open House held on 29 Nov

Start of Eczema Clinic

Inception of Ego Pharmaceutical & NSC Registrar Fellowship

Launch of new NSC and DSC websites

NSC co-organised The Handicaps Welfare Association (HWA) Wheel Walk Jog Charity Event in aid of Handicaps Welfare Association

Launch of MyCare(Lean Transformation) Initiative


Launch of Skin Cancer Clinic

Introduction of Cellular Grafting for Vitiligo

Introduction of MOHs Micrographic Surgery

NSC organised Hand Hygiene Day

Inception of the Ego Pharmaceutical & NSC Nursing Fellowship


NSC Dermatology Update Conference held at the centre

Opening of Mandalay Clinic Laser Suites

Start of Saturday Morning Clinics

Introduction of Total Body Photography

Start of Fractional Photothermolysis service

Introduction of Multiclear treatment

Start of Photodynamic Therapy services

Introduction of Masseuse Screening Programme by Department of Sexually Transmitted Infections Control Clinic

Launch of Joint Institute of Mental Health-NSC Telemedicine Project in Nov


Introduction of 5-day week

Start-up of Urticaria and Angioedema Clinic

Introduction of Titan Skin Tightening Procedure

Operation of Isolation Rooms

Start of the National Kidney Foundation and NSC’s jointly funded Children’s Skin Clinic


NSC became first health care institution to start the paperless Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) in Singapore

Implemented online internet appointment system

Introduction of Atopic Dermatitis Counselling Group by Care & Counselling Unit

Start of Department of Sexually Transmitted Infections Control Women's Clinic

Start of Senior Consultant's Clinic and Wound Clinic

Start of Vitiligo Clinic

Launch of Department of Sexually Transmitted Infections Control website

Introduced Patients' Greeter service


NSC participated in 15th Anniversary Charity Walk-A-Jog and Charity Clinics in aid of the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund

Launch of In-house Continuing Nursing Education Programme

Clinical Reorganisation and Control Measures for SARS prevention


Introduction of Intense Pulse Light Treatment

Start of Psychodermatology Clinic

Establishment of Melanocyte Culture Laboratory

Conversion to National Healthcare Group uniforms for nursing, allied health and ancillary staff

Implementation of telephone Reminder for appointments


Launch of Psoriasis Support Group by the Care & Counselling Unit

Start of e-Counselling for Medication and Nurse Advice

Launch of Laser Hair Removal Service

Implemented Appointment Reminder Service via SMS and emails

Introduction of Express Service to allow patients the exclusive use of a private phone line for appointments, private consultation rooms and payment stations, and shorter queues (within 3 working days)


NSC becomes a member of National Healthcare Group

Introduction of Hair & Nail Clinic

Courier service for collection of laboratory specimens from private practitioners

NSC held 11th MOH-Cleveland Clinic Foundation Update 2000 and Laser and Cosmetic Dermatological Workshops


Introduction of Polymerase Chain Reaction service

Start of Skin Clinic at Kandang Kerbau Hospital

First joint NSC-NUS Graduate Diploma in Family Practice Dermatology

Rebates for first follow-up consultation for subsidised patients during Asian Financial Crisis

3rd Regional Scientific Meeting on Paediatric Dermatologyat NSC


NSC co-organised Charity Walk-A-Jog in Marina South to support Dover Park Hospice

Divisions of clinical services, research, STD, dermatologic surgery and education were established

NSC co-organised International Clinical Dermatology 2000 Congress and Post-conference Cosmetic Surgery Symposium

10th Anniversary Celebrations


Commencement of Ego Pharmaceutical & NSC Dermatology Fellowship

NSC, alongside the International Contact Dermatitis Research Group, organised the 11th International Symposium on Contact Dermatitis


Introduction of Hair Transplant service

Introduction of Laser Skin Resurfacing services and Botulinum Toxin Injection

Introduction of Laser Skin Resurfacing services and Botulinum Toxin Injection


Introduction of Chemical Peel service

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Research Laboratory was set up

Launch of NSC's website, entitled Skin Web

NSC organised International Conference on Skin Therapy Update

Introduction of appointment booking through e-mail


First Phototherapy Course for Dermatologists held

NSC co-organised 11th Regional Conference of Dermatology and Pre-Congress Workshop of Dermatosurgery


NSC establishes the Institute of Dermatology Singapore (IODS)

Start of Skin Problem Hotline

Flash-lamp pulsed dye laser machine commissioned for treatment of vascular abnormality

Start of Medifund Committee

First Public Forum in Mandarin


Launch of first Problem Orientated Clinical Dermatology Course for General Practitioners

NSC Medical Practitioners Alumni formed on 1 Feb

Launch of Dermatology Made Simple


NSC commissioned to take charge of National Sexually Transmitted Diseases Control Programme

Department of STD Control at Kelantan Lane officially inaugurated by then-Minister of State for Health Dr Aline Wong      

NSC co-organised first Asia-Pacific Environmental and Occupational Dermatology Symposium

Launch of first Dermatological Nursing Course


Phototherapy Day Care Centre became fully operational

First Clinical Course in Dermatology for General Practitioners held

Publication of NSC’s first quarterly bulletin in Feb

Launch of the Stiefel Laboratories & NSC Dermatology Fellowship


NSC officially inaugurated by then-Acting Minister for Health Mr Yeo Cheow Tong

Introduction of Carbon dioxide laser service

First NSC Family Day at Sentosa held

First Workshop on Dermatopathology held

Opening of the Phototherapy Day Care Centre


Building construction completed and handed over to Ministry of Health

NSC formally incorporated and registered with the Registrar of Companies, with Dr Kwa Soon Bee and Dr Chen Ai Ju as its first two Directors

Absorption of Middle Road Hospital staff to NSC

NSC saw its first patient on 1 November

Government Skin Clinic and Middle Road Hospital closed on 14 November and 9 December respectively. Patients were transferred to NSC

Launch of Derma Digest

Launch of NSC Corporate Logo

First Computerised Clinic Operations System in Singapore


Last updated on 12 Jan 2017