National Skin Centre Health Endowment Fund
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 National Skin Centre Health Endowment Fund

 National Skin Centre Health Endowment Fund

National Skin Centre Health Endowment Fund

The National Skin Centre Health Endowment Fund (the Fund) was registered as a Charity under the Singapore Charities Act, Chapter 37 on 6 March 2000. The Fund is an approved Institution of a Public Character (IPC) and is valid until 31 December 2021.

Organization Profile Details​
Organization Name National Skin Centre Health Endowment Fund
Address 1 Mandalay Road, Singapore 308205
UEN No. T00CC1423K
Committee Members Ms Tan Beng Neo Eunice, Chairman
Adj. A/Prof Lim Yean Teng, Member
A/Prof Lee Lai Heng, Member
Mr Seow Choke Meng, Member
Auditor Ernst & Young LLP
Bankers 1. Development Bank of Singapore Ltd
2. United Overseas Bank Ltd
Contact person Ms Loo Swee Cheng
Telephone No 63508478
Fax No 62533225
Email Address​
The National Skin Centre Health Endowment Fund was established on 11 July 1995 to receive donations towards the pursuit of medical research and development, improvement to health services in Singapore, and to provide funded care to patients determined to be in need of financial assistance.
The Fund supported the following charitable activities during the year.

(1) Fund-raising activities

Donations were received from donors to support our fund raising campaign Act NOW! and also through the donation boxes placed in National Skin Centre and Department of STI Clinic.

(2) Financial assistance for retail items for eczema patients.

The Fund provides financial assistance to needy patients diagnosed with eczema who were prescribed with retail items for their treatment and not supported by Medifund.

(3) Tattoo removal financial assistance scheme for youths-at-risk

The fund provides financial assistance to youths-at-risk who are motivated to remove their tattoos so that they can continue their academic pursuits and be re-integrated into the community.

(4) Charity clinic @ Christian Home for the Aged

The charity clinic was setup in year 2012 where NSC volunteer doctors provide free consultation to residents of the Singapore Christian Home for the Aged.

(5) Research Grants

NSC HEF support the medical research and development related to dermatology. One of the novel findings from a supported research study suggests the potential of hair follicles as a target structure in the prevention of skin Graft versus host disease (GVHD).

(6) Medication Assistance scheme

The Fund assist eligible patients who are prescribed with medications for off-label indications to enhance their care, availing new treatment options for them.

(7) Itch Programme

The fund supports the medication expenses of needy patients who are prescribed with Suu Balm for intractable itch.

(8) Skin Aid for the Vulnerable and Elderly (SALVE)

This programme supports expenditures for patients with chronic relapsing skin diseases who can be supported clinically and socially with regular application of topical medications, to reduce the incidence of preventable re-admissions into acute care hospitals.

NSC HEF’s fund-raising campaign, Act NOW! (Aspire, Cure, Transform) was introduced in March 2018. The four key pillars were identified, namely Research, Patient Care, Global Impact and Infrastructure.

(1) Research

The donation to the Research will be used for training and developing Clinician Researchers and Clinician Scientists for the research track, leveraging on our access to our pool of patients. Seed funding can also be provided for population health, basic science, predictive and prevention medicine in the research of itch.

(2) Patient care

The donation to patient care is intended to support needy patients requiring new and novel treatments.

(3) Global Impact on Developing Nations

The donation is intended to defray costs in organising international conferences to share learning and best practices from thought leaders around the world.

(4) Infrastructure

The donation to support the infrastructure will provide donors with naming rights opportunities in NSC’s new building including the Auditorium, Day Treatment Centre, Research Laboratories and Patient Education Centre.

Financial Information
​​​Financial Statements 2020.pdf
Financial Statements 2019.pdf
Financial Statements 2018.pdf​

Last updated on 02 Oct 2020