Department of STI Control
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 Department of STI Control

 Department of STI Control

Patients may choose to receive treatments at subsidised rates at the Department of STI Control situated at Kelantan Lane or choose to have a more personalised service at non-subsidised rates at the National Skin Centre at Mandalay Road.

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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are part of the medical specialty of dermato-venereology.

The Department of STI Control (DSC) of the NSC, runs the National STI Control Programme for the Ministry of Health. The department is located at Block 31 Kelantan Lane, Singapore 200031.

The DSC is the only public specialist STI facility in Singapore. It provides comprehensive medical, nursing, laboratory, education and counselling services at subsidised rates. It conducts research in laboratory diagnostics, clinical trials, as well as behavioural and social sciences related to STI/HIV. It also provides training for undergraduates, postgraduates and paramedical personnel.

However, if you would like to seek treatment in a private setting, you can make an appointment (Appointment hotline: 6350 6666) to see our specialists in National Skin Centre (NSC), located at 1 Mandalay Road, Singapore 308205.

Treatment at the National Skin Centre

The National Skin Centre provides comprehensive and confidential consultation, diagnosis, treatment and vaccination related to your sexual health at non-subsidised rates. The clinic sessions are conducted in a conducive environment, aiming to provide optimised privacy and comfort. Patients have the option to choose their preferred doctor.

To make an appointment at the National Skin Centre, please call the Appointment Call Centre at (+65) 6350 6666 or fax (+65) 6258 2475

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Last updated on 25 Aug 2017