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Non-subsidised clinics

The non-subsidised clinics offer personalised service to patients, while retaining the same quality of care delivered to patients in the subsidised clinics​.

Non-subsidised patients can either indicate their preference for doctors, or be seen by specific consultants that are referred by their private practitioners. Foreigners (non-citizens) and patients with non-medical (aesthetic) conditions fall under the non-subsidised category. 


Subsidised Clinics

The NSC is a not-for-profit specialist centre which is partly funded by the government through annual grants. This enables us to provide specialised dermatological treatments to patients at a fee that is below our operating cost.

Subsidies are available only to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents who are referred by doctors from:

  • Subsidised clinics of a public health institution,
  • CHAS Clinics,
  • Polyclinics or
  • SAF medical centres

The first NSC consultation appointment will have to be made and confirmed by the Polyclinic on behalf of the patient.

* Please note that there is usually an appointment waiting time for first-time consultation. Referrals could also be directed to the non-subsidised clinics as they may be of non-medical diagnosis in nature. (e.g. skin tags, freckles, acne scars, chicken pox scars etc.)

If you require any clarification with regard to the government subsidy, please refer to NSC's FAQ

Referral Process

The referral process ensures that patients receive the most appropriate level of treatment as most of the common skin conditions can be adequately handled by the doctors in the polyclinics at nominal fees.

All subsidised patients are reviewed by a consultant dermatologist during their first visit. This system ensures that all subsidised patients receive the most appropriate medical care by a senior and experienced dermatologist.

Should you wish to have a better understanding about our patient flow at the different clinics, please click on the following link.​​​​

Last updated on 06 Apr 2021