Care & Counselling
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 Care & Counselling

 Care & Counselling

The Medical Social Workers in our department attend to patients and their families who have difficulties in coping with their emotional, psychological and social issues arising from their skin conditions. As part of the multi-disciplinary team, we aim to provide patients and their families with holistic care and optimise their well-being. This is done through collaboration with other healthcare teams, community organisations and social network support for our patients.​

Our Services

Social Work Case Management

  1. Financial & Practical Assistance

  • Referral services for those who encounter financial difficulties
  • Assessment of financial assistance eligibility 
  • Assistance with medical and medication bills for needy patients
  • Assistance with transport reimbursement

   2. Assessment of care needs
  • Counsel & educate patients and families on community resources and possible options
  • Co-ordination of arrangements for care plan as identified by patients and families
  • Conduct home visits as required to ascertain the extent of financial assistance
  • Provide emotional and practical support

   3. Evaluation of formal and informal resources

  • Assessment of coping abilities and support networks
  • Provision of appropriate intervention on management of acute and chronic conditions
  • Community networking for continuity of care



Group Therapy And Support Group

  • Coping with a major or chronic medical condition can be a challenge for patients and family members. 

  • ​Support groups are an important source of psycho-social and emotional support. 

  • These groups provide a platform for patients and family members to share experiences and learn how to cope with their conditions better from one another. 

  • We offer some support groups for Eczema and Psoriasis.



Please call us at 6350 8560 if you have further enquiries on the services that are available for your specific needs. You can also request to see our Medical Social Workers (Level 2, Clinic H) for assistance during your visit to our Centre.​


Last updated on 19 Feb 2020