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 Pharmacy Services

 Pharmacy Services


NSC Pharmacy stocks a wide range of prescription medications and retail products for the treatment of skin conditions. We also accept valid external prescriptions from other local healthcare institutions and private clinics.

List of Services We Provide

  •   Medication Dispensing & Counselling
  •   Minor Ailments & Self-Medication Services
  •   Quit Smoking Counselling
  •   Sun Protection Counselling
  •   Refill of Prescription Medicines
  •   Request for Prescription Repeat / Top-up Prescription
  • E​​ZY Pickup / Medication Delivery Services
  • This service is for patients who have:

    • Balance of uncollected medications from past NSC prescriptions issued within 1 year from the prescribed date, AND​
    • Taken/used the medications before with NO change in dosing regimen/instructions

    Type of Medication Refill Service

    EZY Pickup

    Medication Delivery

    Mode of receiving medications

    Collection at NSC Pharmacy

    @ Cashier 1 or 2

    Doorstep delivery

    Receive your medications within

    2 – 3 working days^  

    (8am to 5pm)

    4 – 5 working days^

    (2pm to 6pm)

    Service Fee

    Not applicable

    1st delivery  within the month


    2nd and each subsequent delivery within the month


    Redelivery for each failed delivery


    How to ​ order?

    Step 1:

    Order online via

    NSC Medication Refill form


    Step 2:

    Select “I have an existing prescription, to arrange for EZY Pickup” and complete the rest of the form

    Select “I have an existing prescription, to arrange for Medication Delivery” and complete the rest of the form

    Terms and conditions*

    Pre-ordered medications which are NOT collected 5 working days^ from the scheduled pickup date will be voided. Please submit a new order or proceed to Pharmacy Counter 9 for registration for medication collection.

    For safety and storage reasons, medications will NOT be left unattended at doorsteps. Please ensure that there is someone at the indicated delivery address to receive your medications on the scheduled delivery date/ time.

      ^ Working days are defined as weekdays (Mondays to Fridays, excluding Public Holidays)
      Please refer to the NSC Medication Refill form for the full list of Terms and Conditions​

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Last updated on 09 Nov 2021

Pharmacy Operating Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00am to 5:30pm

Eves of Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year: 8:00am to 12.30pm

Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays: Closed

In case of emergency, please visit the nearest GP or A&E.

Tel: 63508456


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Last updated on 09 Nov 2021