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  1. Goverment Subsidy
  2. Can I make an appointment to see a doctor without a referral letter?
  3. Can I make an appointment with a referral letter from a General Practitioner?
  4. Do I need to make an appointment with NSC after receiving the polyclinic referral letter?
  5. If my last visit to NSC was more than two years ago, do I still qualify for subsidised follow-up consultations or do I need to get a referral letter from the polyclinic?
  6. Can NSC help to remove my eye bags?
  7. Does NSC provide hair transplant service?
  8. I am keen to remove hair on several parts of my body. How many sessions do I need to undergo ?
  9. How much does the treatment cost?
  10. How effective is the hair removal treatment?
  11. How long is the waiting time in between treatment sessions?
  12. Will I get government subsidy for the hair removal treatment done at NSC?
  13. Can I make an appointment for a laser treatment directly without consultation?
  14. Can I go back to work the next day after my laser treatment for acne?
  15. What are the removal methods available for milia seeds?
  16. How do I go about to remove a common mole?
  17. How much does it cost to remove a common mole?
  18. How long will my wound take to heal after mole removal?
  19. Will there be any complications after surgery?
  20. Is the cost of mole removal subsidised?
  21. Is parental consent required for the mole removal procedure if I am under 21 year old?
  22. What is the advisable age to remove the mole on my child's face?
  23. Does NSC treat Nevus of Ota?
  24. How much will the laser treatment for Nevus of Ota cost?
  25. Is there a possibility of recurrence after the treatment?
  26. Are there subsidies for the treatment of Nevus of Ota?
  27. I've been undergoing many facial treatments in beauty salons for years but there is no improvement. Does NSC provide treatments for pigmentation?
  28. What are the common types of pigmentation that are being treated NSC?
  29. How much does it cost to treat my pigmentation problems?
  30. How many treatment sessions are required?
  31. Is removal of café au lait spots available at NSC?
  32. Does NSC attend to concerns regarding facial skin pores?
  33. I have a scar that I wish to remove, what are my treatment options and their costs?
  34. How much does it cost for the laser treatments?
  35. Can my scar be removed completely with laser treatment?
  36. Can NSC treat my burn scar?
  37. Is tattoo removal available at NSC?
  38. How much does it cost to do a tattoo removal?
  39. Can green-coloured tattoo be removed at NSC?
  40. Can eyebrow tattoo be removed at NSC?
  41. Can eyeliner tattoo be removed at NSC?
  42. Is tattoo removal subsidised by the government?
  43. What types of allergens are being tested for in a patch test?
  44. Can I request for a patch test at NSC?
  45. How much does it cost to do a patch test?
  46. What is the duration of a patch test?
  47. Can shingles be treated at NSC?
  48. How much is the treatment?
  49. What kinds of allergy tests does NSC perform?
  50. How are these tests done?
  51. How much do these tests cost?
  52. What hair loss treatments are available at NSC?
  53. Can I get vaccinated against shingles at NSC?
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Last updated on 27 Jan 2021