Post-Inflammatory Pigmentation
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 Post-Inflammatory Pigmentation

 Post-Inflammatory Pigmentation

What is post-infammatory hyperpigmentation?

It is a discolouration that is left on the skin after an underlying skin disease has healed.

The underlying skin disease may be trauma, skin infection, eczema or a drug reaction.

In dark-skinned persons, the colour tends to be more intense and persists for a longer period.

The pigmentation tends to clear with time.

How is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation treated ?

Usually, normal skin colour will return slowly over a period of months.

One should avoid further trauma to the area, e.g. frequent rubbing and sunlight exposure.

In hyperpigmentation, bleaching agents such as those containing hydroquinone may be used. Occasionally a mild steroid may help.

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Last updated on 28 Oct 2013

Last updated on 28 Oct 2013