Tinea Capitis
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 Tinea Capitis

 Tinea Capitis

Fig.2 Fungal infection of the scalp with associated hair loss.

What is Tinea Capitis ?

This is a fungal infection of the scalp. It is more commonly seen in children than in the adults.

How is it acquired ?

It is usually spread from pets or other children.

What are the features of Tinea Capitis ?

There is patchy loss of hair and pain. The affected area may be red and covered with scales, pus or adherent crusts. The diagnosis can be confirmed by examining the affected hair under the microscope.

How can it be treated ?

  • Consult your doctor
  • The infection can be treated by taking antifungal tablets. Early treatment is important to prevent permanent scarring and hair loss.

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Last updated on 28 Oct 2013

Last updated on 28 Oct 2013