Consultation Fees
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 Consultation Fees

 Consultation Fees


The Centre has two categories of patients. Subsidised and Non-Subsidised patients.

Subsidised Patients

NSC is partly funded by the government through an annual grant. Through this grant, ​specialised dermatological services can be extended to patients who qualify for government subsidy.

To qualify for this subsidy at NSC, you must:

  • Be a Singaporean or a Permanent Resident of Singapore (holding a Singapore NRIC), and
  • Be referred to us by subsidised clinics of a public health institution or a polyclinic, or from an SAF medical officer/camp and
  • Be referred to the team of dermatologists on duty for that day
  • Be referred to NSC for a medical condition

Many common skin conditions can be adequately handled by the doctors in the polyclinics at nominal fees. The referral process ensures that patients receive the most appropriate level of treatment by the doctors. The subsidy is only applicable for basic medical care.

Non-Subsidised Patients

Non-Subsidised patients include all foreigners, those referred to a specific consultant, self-referrals and those who are referred to us by a private doctor or private hospital.

Important for ALL patients
If you have been discharged from our care or did not return for any follow-up appointments within the next 24 months of open date validity, your case will be considered closed at our centre. Your next visit after the abovementioned period will be treated as a new visit and first consultation fees will apply. This is to ensure that you will receive proper assessment and treatment from our doctors in light of the lapsed time since your last visit.

With effect from 1 july 2021, the consultation charges for Non-Subsidised and Subsidised Clinics will be revised as follows:

Consultation Charges :

Non-Subsidised Rates:
Revised fee w.e.f. 1 Jul 21 ($)
First Consultation Singapore Citizen        Non Citizen
Senior Consultant $128.00 $147.20
Consultant $115.00 $132.25
Assoc Consultant $103.00 $118.45
Follow-up Consultation
Senior Consultant $98.00 $112.70
Consultant $85.00 $97.76
Assoc Consultant $73.00 $83.94
Subsidised Rates:
Consultation Singapore Citizen Singapore PR
First Consultation $38.00 $57.00
Follow-up Consultation $36.00 $54.00

Please note that:

  • Prices quoted are inclusive of 7% GST.​
  • Subsidised prices above are based on minimum subsidy.​
  • Prices quoted for Non Subsidised and Subsidised rates have been rounded up to the nearest dollar.​
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Please confirm with the counter staff during your admission/visit.
  • If you have not been to the clinic in the last 2 years, your next visit will be considered a First Visit and charged as a First Consultation.​
  • All other services such as investigations, medication, procedures etc will be charged separately.

Last updated on 30 Jun 2021