Consultation Procedures
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 Consultation Procedures

 Consultation Procedures

Your Medical Care

Our doctor will obtain your medical history and conduct a thorough examination on you. Throughout your consultation, you are encouraged to discuss your medical problem with your doctor who will ask you questions about your health.


After examining you, the doctor will decide on laboratory tests or special procedures you might need.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Upon completion of the examination and investigations, your doctor will discuss his/her findings with you and explain any treatment that may be needed. A report on your diagnosis and treatment will be sent to your family physician if you wish.


If you require hospital treatment, arrangements may be made for admitting you to our skin ward at the nearby Tan Tock Seng Hospital, or to any of the private hospitals mentioned earlier. Your NSC doctor will continue to see and treat you in the skin ward.

Hospital charges incurred during your inpatient stay should be settled directly between you and the hospital. Payment details should be discussed at the time of admission. A fee to cover your NSC doctor's professional services will be incorporated in your hospital bill.

Last updated on 07 Dec 2013