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 Payment Information

 Payment Information

Cashless Payment accepted over the Counter

List of Payment Modes at National Skin Centre accepted over the counter.

Pay your outstanding bill

Patients who have outstanding bills can now have two more options to settle their outstanding bills electronically. Through this electronic payment method, NSC aims to provide greater convenience to patients to make payments any time, any day.

Payment via Visa/MasterCard credit card* via AXS website or PayNow apps** are now made available for your payment convenience

Credit/Debit Card
To pay ​your bills using card click on the “Credit /Debit Card Payment ” ico​n below to bring you to a third party, AXS* website:​

*This payment via AXS website ( is available for Visa, MasterCard credit card holders only. To begin your payment transaction online: Select AXS e-station > Pay Bills > Healthcare > National Skin Centre. When making payment online, users are required to pay to NSC by entering bill number begin​s with B (eg. B_ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ) and provide authentication with credit card number, expiry date, CVV number and OTP.​​​​​​​​​​​


To pay your bills using PayNow, you may email​ for more details.

Last updated on 03 Jul 2020