Request for Medical Report
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 Request for Medical Report

 Request for Medical Report

The Medical Records Office manages requests for medical reports.

You can contact us at:
Tel: (+65) 6350 8462
Fax: (+65) 6350 8442
Email: mro@​ 
Operating Hours: Mondays to Fridays 8.00am to 5.30pm

How to apply for a medical report

  • Please complete the Consent for Release of Medical Information Form​ to make the request. All sections in the form must be fully completed and duly signed.
  • For insurance claims, please enclose the insurance claim form with the authorisation section of the claim form fully completed and duly signed.
  • Please attach a photocopy of your NRIC (front and back view) / identification documents and enclose a crossed cheque made payable to : National Skin Centre (S) Pte Ltd.
  • Send your application to:

Medical Records Office
National Skin Centre
1 Mandalay Road
Singapore 308205

Mode of collection

Patient can request for the medical report to be:

  • Collected personally – Patient’s contact number to be provided at the point of application (patient will be contacted once the report is ready for collection)
  • Collected by a third party – Authorisation letter is required if a third party is collecting on patient’s behalf.
  • Posted or emailed - Postal or email address to be provided at point of application.

Medical report fee

The consultation fee does not include the cost for a medical report as not every patient requires one. A fee has to be levied for this additional service of providing medical report to cover the Centre’s administrative costs and the doctor’s professional input. This is a standard practice across all the public health institutions.


Medical Report Fee: 
Specialist Medical Report S$90.00
Specialist Medical Report for medico-legal purpose S$180.00
Simple Insurance Form (3 pages & below) S$26.00
Insurance Form (4 pages & above) S$90.00
Second Opinion Specialist Report for non-patient S$300.00
​MOM Workmen's compensation objection form  ​S$357.00
​Laboratory result ​S$3.00
​Prescription/ Invoice ​Within 1 year: No Charge;
More than 1 year: 1st copy - S$3, subsequent copies - S$1
Estimated time required for processing medical report is 30 working days from the date of receiving the completed form and payment

Types of Medical Report

  • Specialist Medical Report
    This report is prepared by the specialist in response to requests that require a professional opinion with regards to the patient's prognosis and treatment. It is based on medical records from past assessments on the patient.
  • Specialist Medical Report for medico-legal purpose
    This report is prepared by the specialist for medico-legal purposes. It seeks a professional opinion from the specialist with regard to specific prognosis and treatment of the patient.
  • Completion of an insurance form
    The completion of information requested by an insurance company may consist of prognosis, name of the procedure and details of medical conditions or treatments provided.
  • Second Opinion Medical Report
    The Second Opinion Medical Report is written by the specialist for non-patients of National Skin Centre. It seeks a professional opinion and the format and scope is the same as the Specialist Medical Report.
  • MOM Workmen’s compensation objection form
    This report is prepared for the purpose of re-determining work-related injuries and the degree and period of disability when patient objects to the results of the initial workmen's compensation report raised. The MOM objection report is done by two specialists including an external doctor from MOM.
  • Duplicate Copy of Investigation Results
    Duplicate copies of investigation results such as blood tests, laboratory results and X-Ray results.
  • Reprint of prescription/ invoice
    Duplicate copies of prescriptions / tax invoices of past prescriptions. Duplicate copies are NOT prescriptions and cannot be used to purchase medications. With effect from Aug 2021, copies of tax invoice can be obtained from Health Hub with SingPass login -

Last updated on 23 Aug 2021