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Patient Guide




On your new visit, you will receive your NSC Appointment card at our clinic registration. This card contains your personal information which include your name, NRIC Number and your appointment details. To facilitate all your subsequent clinic registrations, please present your appointment card for each of your visits. You can also make use of our self-registration kiosks in the clinics for your follow up visits with us. 

Whenever you wish to communicate with us, please provide your full name and NRIC number. Do be patient with our staff while they conduct identification verifications before assisting you with your requests.

If you misplace your appointment card, please approach any of our registration staff, who will be happy to assist you with a new card replacement.

What should I bring for registration?

  • NRIC/ Birth Certificate (if you are below 12 years old)/ Passport/ Employment Pass/ Work Permit / Student Pass) 
  • Referral letter from Polyclinic / GP Clinic / hospital (if any) 
  • Any medical benefit identification documents (e.g. Civil Service Card, Medical Benefits Card, etc)​


Last updated on 03 Jun 2016