Asian Skin Atlas 2nd Edition
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 Asian Skin Atlas 2nd Edition

 Asian Skin Atlas 2nd Edition

Asian Skin: A reference colour atlas of dermatology and venereology (2nd Edition)

Edited by A/Prof Chua Sze Hon, Prof Goh Chee Leok, Dr Ng See Ket and A/Prof Tan Suat Hoon




The first edition of the Asian skin atlas was published in 2005. In this second edition, more than 95% of the clinical pictures found in the first edition have been refreshed. This new atlas expands on the previous edition by including new conditions within existing chapters as well as adding eight new chapters. Histology of key clinical conditions is now incorporated as well.

This comprehensive atlas of dermatology contains more than 1,400 high quality clinical and histological pictures of dermatoses affecting Asians. Conditions unique to Asians such as nevus of Ota/Ito, Hori’s nevus, Ofuji’s’ disease, progressive macular confluent hypomelanosis, cutaneous plasmacytosis, cutaneous amyloidosis as well as conditions with a geographical Asia bias such as cutaneous larval migrans and chronic arsenic poisoning are well illustrated. This compilation will serve as a valuable reference atlas and an essential companion to dermatology textbooks for all dermatologists managing patients of Asian descent.

Publisher: McGraw Hill Education (Asia)

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Last updated on 08 Nov 2021