Contact and Occupational Dermatitis Reference Textbook
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 Contact and Occupational Dermatitis Reference Textbook

 Contact and Occupational Dermatitis Reference Textbook

The Principles and Practice of Contact and Occupational Dermatology in the Asia-Pacific Region

Edited by Ng See Ket & Goh Chee Leok (National Skin Centre, Singapore)

Contents: • Irritant Contact Dermatitis and Allergic Contact Dermatitis • The Immunology of Contact Dermatitis • The Histology of Contact Dermatitis • Non-Eczematous Contact Dermatitis • Contact Urticaria; Subjective Adverse Contact Reactions • Contact Pigmentary Changes • Photocontact Dermatitis • Investigative Techniques in Contact Dermatitis • Occupational Dermatosis • The Management of Contact

Dermatosis • Irritants and Allergens • Regional Contact Dermatitis • Systemic Contact Dermatitis • The Epidemiology of Contact Dermatitis in the Asia-Pacific Region — China (N-J Tang & P-J Coenraad) • India (J S Pasricha & K K Verma) • Indonesia (U Budimulja, R W Soebaryo & E H Effendi) • Korea (H C Eun) • Malaysia (R Ridzwan & S Hussein) • New Zealand (D Greig & M Rademaker); Philippines (L A Encamacion & V Verallo) • Singapore (C L Goh) • Sri Lanka (W D H Perera) • Taiwan (C C Sun) • Thailand

(P Sunthonpalin)

  • Appendix 1 — Bioengineering Techniques in Contact Dermatitis.
  • Appendix 2 — Laboratory Procedures in Occupational Contact Dermatitis.

This invaluable textbook on contact and occupational skin diseases is written for dermatologists, occupational physicians and practitioners interested in dermatology who are working in the Asia-Pacific region. It consists of contributions from experts in contact and occupational dermatology from many parts of the region. While most other textbooks on this subject cater to Western practitioners, this book is unique in that it focuses on topics relevant to the Asia-Pacific region and the tropics, complementing the Western publications. There are differences in the epidemiology and clinical presentations of contact and occupational dermatitis in the Asia-Pacific countries and the tropics compared to the Western countries. This book addresses the epidemiology and the approaches to the topic in many Asia-Pacific countries. It is a simple practical guide to the principles and practice of managing patients with contact and occupational skin diseases.

The editors have included many colour illustrations, to assist dermatologists and other practitioners in using the book more effectively. These illustrations have been painstakingly selected to bring out clinical features as succinctly as possible.

  • 240pp October 2001
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Published by National Skin Centre
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