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 Clinical Hands On

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Candidates interested in a more in-depth training can participate full time programme. For attachment in general dermatology, there is an administrative fee of SGD500 for attachment of 2 weeks and below; administrative fee for attachment of more than 2 weeks is SGD1000.

Candidates will be guided to achieve a comprehensive knowledge of clinical dermatology through lectures and attachments in clinics. They will also participate in patient care. This programme also includes basic dermatopathology and dermatosurgery, as well as management of STD.

Candidates, on completion of the programme will be awarded the NSC Fellowship Certificates in Dermatology.

Entry requirement;
a) A recognised basic degree in medicine
b) Traineeship or specialist degree in dermatology.

The Fellowship Programme is designed for trainees and specialists and related disciplines to acquire knowledge and expertise in subspecialties in Dermatology.

The courses comprise:
a) Tutorials on the theoretical aspects of the subspecialty
b) Exposure to the subspecialty clinics
c) Exposure to practical procedures of the subspecialty

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