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NSC Observational Fellowship

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Trainees shall acquire the clinical and basic science knowledge that is relevant to dermatological practice. This forms the foundation for professional competence in dermatology. For attachment in general dermatology, there is an administrative fee of SGD500 for attachment of 2 weeks and below; administrative fee for attachment of more than 2 weeks is SGD1000.

Candidates, on completion of the program will be awarded the NSC Observership Certificates in Dermatology.


This attachment enables visiting doctors to sit in with NSC doctors and observe the management of dermatological conditions. Besides exposure to several dermatology clinics, participants will be given the opportunity to sit at the various sub-specialty clinics. They will also attend all teaching sessions conducted at the centre during their attachment.

Participants will be given a valuable insight into how a teaching dermatological referral centre manages patient work-flow and learn from experts regarding treatment of skin diseases.

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The Senior Human Resource Manager
National Skin Centre
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Last updated on 07 Dec 2013