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Duke-NUS Clinical Elective in Dermatology


National Skin Centre offers an elective posting for DUKE-NUS medical students interested in Dermatology.

This 4 weeks elective is intended to provide a fairly in-depth exposure to dermatology inpatient as well as outpatient care. Students will be attached to the dermatology ward, dermatology outpatients, treatment rooms, procedures suites, phototherapy suites, laboratories, the pharmacy, etc. Students interested in Sexually Transmitted Infections will have an option to be attached to the Department of STI Control.
Students will be assigned to one of the consultants as their mentor. They will be expected to attend and participate in clinic sessions and ward rounds, and are expected to join in teaching sessions organized by the National Skin Centre for junior doctors.Independent study is expected and students will also be exposed to clinical research in dermatology.

This elective will be useful to students planning for careers in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine as well as for those interested in a career as a Dermatologist.

.                                        Goals and Learning objectives

This elective provides an opportunity for students to increase their dermatological knowledge, develop appropriate dermatological concepts and acquire technical dermatological skills. In addition, exposure to dermatological research can be arranged for interested students. 

1.     Dermatological Knowledge:- The students will learn how:

a.     To use dermatological terminology appropriately

b.    To describe skin lesions

c.     To formulate a diagnosis and differential diagnosis for common skin disorders

d.    To design appropriate therapeutic management for common skin disorders.

2.     Dermatological Techniques:- The students will

a.     Learn to use laboratory diagnostic procedures, including microscopic examinations of dermatologic preparations.

b.    Become familiar with cutaneous surgical techniques, including shave and punch biopsies, curettage, electrosurgery and cryosurgery.

3.     Dermatological Concepts:- The students will learn

a.     The relationship of skin diseases to systemic illnesses

b.    The rationale of topical and systemic dermatological therapy.

c.     The importance of systems-based practice in the delivery of care for patients with dermatology problems.

4.     Dermatological Research (Optional)*. Interested students can opt to be exposed to Research in Dermatology.

To apply, please contact Ms Hua Cheng Ying from the Clinical and Faculty Affairs Department of DUKE-NUS Graduate Medical School at chengying.hua@duke-nus.edu.sg on your interest to be attached to NSC.

Duke-NUS Contact Details
HUA Cheng Ying (Ms.)
Management Assistant Officer, 
Clinical, Academic & Faculty Affairs
Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore
8 College Road, Level 5 | Singapore 169857 | Tel: (65) 6516 5534 | Fax: (65) 6221 9716 
Email: chengying.hua@duke-nus.edu.sg | Web: www.duke-nus.edu.sg​

NSC Contact Details
Program Coordinators

Mr Ang Chin Tiong
Medical Affairs Executive
Tel: 63508257
Email: chintiongang@nsc.com.sg 

Mr Muhammad Faizal
Medical Affairs Executive Asst
Tel: 63508437
Email: faizal@nsc.com.sg

Last updated on 29 Sep 2015