Scientific Publications - 1997
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 Scientific Publications - 1997

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 Scientific Publications - 1997


Atrophie Blanche: A Special Form of Vasculopathy
C Kwok, Cheong W K
S’pore Med J
1997; 38(3): 123-124

Netherton’s Syndrome – A Cause of Neonatal Erythroderma
Giam YC , C Kwok
S’pore Paed J
1997; 39(1): 74-77

Anetoderma – An 8 Year Review in National Skin Centre
C Kwok, Giam YC
S’pore Paed J
1997; 39(2): 91-95

Retrospective Study of the Epidemiology of Nodular Vasculitis Followed Up in the National Skin Centre, Singapore
C Kwok, Goh CL, Ong BH
Clin Exp Dermatol
1997; 22:17-19

STD/AIDS Knowledge and Risk Behaviour Among Masseuses and Bar Hostesses in Singapore
R Chan , Goh CL
1997; 8:373-377

The Effect of Polyethlene Glycol (PEG) on the Isolation of Chlamydia
Trachomatis in H-1 HeLa Cells
Ngan CC L, Ling AE, R Chan
1997; 29:76-78

Bilateral Lower Limb Oedema Due to a Distended Urinary Bladder
Tan HH, Lieu PK, Choo PWJ
S’pore Med J
1997; 38(4): 164-165

Neurofibromatosis and Reticulate Acropigmentation of Dohi:
A Case Report
Tan HH, Tay YK
Pediatr Dermatol
1997; 14(4): 296-298

Aplasia Cutis Congenita Syndrome in Singapore
Giam YC, Tan HH, Tay YK
S’pore Paed J
1997; 39(1): 67-73

Familial Aplasia Cutis Congenita of the Scalp – A Case Report and Review
Tan HH, Tay YK
Annals, Acad Med (S’pore)
1997; 26:500-502

Occupational Skin Diseases in Workers from the Electronics Industry in Singapore
Tan HH, Chan TLM, Goh CL
Am J Contact Dermatitis
1997; 8(4): 210-214

Granulomatous Reaction Pattern
Tan SH
NSC Bulletin
1997; 8(1): 13-14

Quiz for the Clinician (Desmoplastic Trichoepithelioma)
Tan SH
NSC Bulletin
1997; 8(1) 14-20

Pitfalls in the Management of Bullous Pemphigoid
T Tan
NSC Bulletin
1997; 8(1): 5-6

Glycoli Acid Peels in the Treatment of Melasma Among Asian Women
J Lim, Tham SN
Dermatol Surg
1997; 23:177-179

Allergic Contact Dermatitis from Grasses
D Koh, Goh CL, Tan HTW, Ng SK, Wong WK
Contact Dermatitis
1997; 37(1):32-34

Bilateral Segmental Neurofibromatosis with Partial Unilateral Lentiginosis
Wong SS
Br J Dermatol
1997; 136:380-383

Effect of Occlusion on Skin
Leow YH, Maibach HI
J Dermatol Treatment
1997; 8: 139-142

Contact Dermatitis Due to Topical Traditional Chinese Medication
Leow YH
Clinics in Dermatol
1997; 15:601-605

Agents Causing Contact Urticaria
Warner MA, Taylor JS, Leow YH
Clinics in Dermato
1997; 15(2): 623-635

A Retrospective Study of 13 Oriental Children with Juvenile Dermatomyositis
See Y, Chng HH, Giam YC
Annals, Acad Med (S’pore)
1997; 26(2): 210 – 214

Acantholytic Dermatosis in Chronic Renal Failure
Chua SH, Giam YC
Int J of Dermatol
1997; 36:198-212

Angiommunoblastic Lymphadenopathy with Dysproteinaemia (AILD)
Chua SH, Ng SK
NSC Bulletin
1997; 8(1): 8-10

In House Seminar : Report on An In-House Seminar on Immunology
Ang Por
NSC Bulletin
1997; 8(1):15

Case Report: Linear Epidermal Naevus with Epidermolytic Hyperkeratosis – It’s Relationship with Congenital Bullous Icthosiform Erythroderma
Ang Por
NSC Bulletin
1997; 8(1): 11-12

Sexually-Transmitted Diseases in Singapore – Trends in the Last Two Decades
Ang Por, R Chan
Annals, Acad Med (S’pore)
1997; 26(6): 827-833

Sporotrichosis: A Case Report and Successful Treatment with Itraconazole
Tay YK, Goh CL, Ong BH
1997; 60:87-90

The Profile and Outcome of Pustular Psoriasis in Singapore: A Report of 28 Cases
Tay YK, Tham SN
Inter J Dermatol
1997; 36:266-271

Congenital Palmar Nodule in an Infant
Tay YK, Morelli JG, Weston WL
Pediatr Dermatol
1997; 14(3):241-243

Treatment of Pyogenic Granuloma in Children with the Flashlamp-Pumped Pulsed Dye Laser
Tay YK, Weston WL, Morelli JG

Papuloerythroderma of Ofuji and Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma
Tay YK, Tan KC, Ong BH
Br J Dermatol
1997; 137:160-161

A Retrospective Study of the Clinical Presentation and Outcome of Herpes Zoster in a Tertiary Dermatology Outpatient Referral Clinic
Goh CL,L Khoo
Int J Dermatol
1997; 36:667 – 672

Patterns of Psoriatric Arthritis in Orientals
J Thumboo, Tham SN, Tay YK, T Chee, B Mow, Chia HP, Boey ML
J Rheumatol
1997; 24:1949-1953

Skin Colonisation of Staphylococcus Aureus in Atopic Dermatitis Patients Seen at the National Skin Centre, Singapore
Goh CL, J Sy Wong, Giam YC
Int J Dermatol
1997; 36:653-657

Proposal for a Revised International Standard Series of Patch Test
Lachapelle JM, Ale SI, Freeman S, Frosch PJ, Goh CL, Hannuksela M, Hayakawa R, Maibach HI, Wahlberg JE
Contact Dermatitis

Contact Dermatitis in Atopics and Non-Atopics – An Epidemiology Study
Goh CL
Environ Dermatol
1997; 4:15-19

Carbon Dioxide Laser Skin Resurfacing
J Lim
NSC Bulletin
1997; 8(1): 3- 4

Management of Difficult Cases of Acne Vulgaris
Wong SN
NSC Bulletin
1997; 8(1):7

Report on An In-House Seminar on the Immune System in Health and Diseases
Wong SS
NSC Bulletin
1997; 8(1):16

Editorial – To treat or Not to Treat
NSC Bulletin
1997; 8(1):2

Comparing Skin Irritancy in Atopics and Non-Atopics to Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Benzalkonium Chloride Using TEWL Measurement
Goh CL
Environ Dermatol

An Update on the Top Ten Contact Allergens in National Skin Centre 1992 – 1996
C Kwok, Leow YH, Ng SK, Goh CL
Environ Dermatol
>1997; 4(3):189-194

The Role of Occlusion in Corticosteroid Therapy of Psoriasis
Leow YH, Maibach HI
J Dermatol Treatment
1997; 8:265 – 269

Malignancy in Adult Dermatomyositis
Leow YH, Goh CL
Int J Dermatol
1997; 36:904-907

Prognosis of Contact and Occupational Dermatitis
Goh CL
Clinics in Dermatol
1997; 15:655-659

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