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 Scientific Publications - 2000

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 Scientific Publications - 2000


Flashlamp-Pumped Pulsed Dye Laser (585nm) for the Treatment of Portwine Stains –A Study of Treatment Outcome in 94 Asian Patients in Singapore Prof Goh CL
S’pore Med J, 2000; 41(1):24-28

Neonatal Physiology and Skin Care
A/Prof Giam YC
J Pediatr Obstet Gynecol, 2000;26: 23

Evaluation of Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Dr Leow YH, Prof Maibach HI
Allergic Skin Disease, 2000; 395-401

An Unusual Cause of Post-Auricular Dermatitis
Dr Leow YH, A/Prof Goh CL, Dr Ng Sk
Contact Dermatitis. 2000;42: 308

Treatment of Linear IgA Bullous Dermatosis of Childhood With Colchicine: In Reply
Dr Tay YK, Dr Ang Por
Pediatr Dermatol, 2000;17:157

Allopurinol Hypersensitivity Syndrome: A Case Report
Dr Tay YK, Dr Ling YK
The Singapore Family Physician, 2000; 26(1):40-42

Neonatal Lupus Erythematosus: Our Local Experience
Dr P Ng, Dr Tay YK, A/Prof Giam YC
Ann Acad Med S’pore, 2000;29:114-118

Cutaneous Leishmaniasis: A Report of Two Cases Seen at a Tertiary Dermatological Centre in Singapore
Dr Tan HH, Dr Wong SS, Dr Ong BH
S’pore Med J, 2000;41(4):179-181

What Syndrome Is This ?
Dr E Tan, Dr Tay YK
Pediatr Dermatol, 2000;17(1):65-67

An Unusual Case of Cutaneous Vasculitis
Dr A Goon, Dr Tay YK, A/Prof Giam YC, Dr Lau TC, Prof Chan H L
Ann Acad Med Singapore, 2000: 29: 249-252

A Case of Pemphigus Foliaceus in a Child
Dr A Goon, Dr Tay YK, Dr Tan SH
Singapore Paediatr J, 2000;42 (1):26-29

Tetracycline and Nicotinamide for the Treatment of Bullous Pemphigoid: Our Experience in Singapore
Dr A Goon, Dr Tan SH, Dr L Khoo, Dr T Tan
Singapore Med J, 2000;41(7):327-330

Porphyria Cutanea Tarda
Dr Khoo BP, Dr Tay Y K
Singapore Med J, 2000;41(6): 292-294

Review of Inpatients with Adverse Drug Reactions to Allopurinol
Dr Khoo BP, Dr Leow YH
Singapore Med J, 2000;41(4):156-160

A Pilot Study on the Role of Intralesional Triamcinolone Acetonide in the Treatment of Pitted Nails in Children
Dr Khoo BP, A/Prof Giam Y C
Singapore Med J, 2000;41(2): 66-68

An Unusual Case of Pemphigus Vulgaris Presenting as bilateral foot Ulcers
Dr Tan H. H., Dr Tay YK
Clini Exp Dermatol, 2000;25:224-226

Skin Barrier Properties in Different Body Areas in Neonates
Dr Gil Yosipovitch
Pediatrics, 2000:106 (1)105-108

Epidemiology of Occupation Skin Disease in Singapore 1989-1998
Dr Anthony Goon, Prof Goh CL
Contact Dermatitis, 2000;43:133-136

A Case Report of Erythema Induratum of Bazin’s Disease
Dr L C Lim, Dr S H Chua, Dr S H Tan
Ann Acad Med (spore), 2000; 29: 688-690

Screening for P-Phenylenediamine (PPD) in Hair-Care products by thin layer Chromatography (TLC)
Prof D Koh, Charles Tan, Dr Ng S K, Tan B T, Dr Leow YH, Prof Goh C L
Contact Dermatitis, 2000: 43: 182-183

Allergic Contact Dermatitis from Cetrimide and Cetearyl Alcohol in Burnol-plus Cream
Dr Leow YH, Charles Tan
Contact Dermatitis, 2000;43 174-175

High Body Mass Index, Dry Scaly Leg Skin And Atopic Conditions Are Highly Associated with Keratosis Pilaris
Dr Gill, YH Chan
Dermatology, 2000;201:34-36

A Case of Recurrent Disseminated Granuloma Annulare
Dr A T Goon, Dr S S Wong
Singapore Med J, 2000;41(8):405-406

Clinical Approach to Acne
A/Prof Giam YC
Medical Progress, 2000; August 19-22

Drug Eruption in Children: A Review of 111 Cases Seen in a Tertiary Skin Referral Centre
Dr B P Khoo, A/Prof Giam YC
Singapore Med J, 2000;41(11):525-529

Bullous Sweet’s Syndrome Associated with Acute Hepatitis B Infections: A New Association
Dr E.Tan, Dr G.Yosipovitch, A/Prof Giam YC, Dr S.H.Tan
British Journal of Dermatology, 2000;143 892-918

Classical and Amyopathic Dermatomyositis seen at the National Skin Centre of Singapore: A 3-Year Retrospective Review of their Clinical Characteristics and Association with Malignancy
Dr P Ang, Dr M W Sugeng, Dr S H Chua
Ann Acad Med Singapore, 2000; 29:219-223

A Case Report: Persistent Acantholytic Dermatosis in Chronic Renal Failure
Dr W M Wong, Dr S H Chua
Ann Acad Med Singapore, 2000: 29: 770-2

Granuloma Annulare: A Review of 41 Cases at the National Skin Centre
Dr H H Tan, Prof C L Goh
Ann Acad Med Singapore, 2000;29: 714-8

The prevalence and clinical characteristics of pruritus among patients with extensive psoriasis
Dr Gill Y, Dr A Goon, J. Wee, Dr Y H Chan, Prof C L Goh
British Journal of Dermatology, 2000;143: 969-973

Profile and Outcome of Childhood Mycosis Fungoides in Singapore
Dr Eileen Tan, Dr Tay YK, A/Prof Giam YC
Pediatric Dermatology, 2000;17(5) 352-356

Erythema nodosum in Singapore
Dr Y K Tay
Clinical and Experimental Derm, 2000; 25: 377-380

Congenital Self-Healing Reticulohistiocytosis-An usually benign variant of Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis: A report of two cases
Dr Y K Tay, Dr C L Tan
Singapore Paed Journal, 2000; 42 (2) 90-93

A Subcutaneous Nodule on the Face
Dr Y K Tay, Dr S H Tan
Pediatric Dermatology, 2000; 17(6) 487-489

A Community Study of Male Androgenetic Alopecia in Bishan Singapore
Dr L L Cheong, Dr P.H Tang, Dr H P Chia, Dr D Koh
Singapore Med Journal, 2000; 41 (5) 202-205

The Time-course of UVA erythema in skin sensitised by topical 8-methoxypsoralen.
Dr YK Kwok, Dr I Man, Dr J Ferguson, Dr S H Ibbotson
Brit J Dermatol, 2000; 142: 1267

Approach to a Photosensitive Rash
Dr YK Kwok
NSC Bulletin, Jan- Jun 2000

Lichen Amyloidosus: A Bullous Variant
Dr B P Khoo, Dr Y K Tay
Ann Acad Med Singapore, 2000; 29: 105-107

One-year review of pityriasis rosea at the National Skin Centre, Singapore.
Dr YK Tay, Prof Goh CL
Ann Acad Med Singapore, 2000;29: 548

Generalised erythematous plaques (Progressive symmetric erythrokeratodermia)
Dr B P Khoo, Dr Y K Tay, Dr Tan S H
Archives of Dermatology, 2000; 136: 665-670

Hidrotic ectodermal dysplasia(Clouston sydrome)
Dr Tan E, Dr YK Tay
Pediatric Dermatology, 2000; 17: 161-166

Retrospective study of Mycobacterium Marinum skin infections
Dr Por Ang, Dr Niramol R A, Prof Goh CL
Int J Dermatology, 2000; 39: 343-347

A review of Inpatients with Adverse Drug Reactions to Allopurinol
Dr B P Khoo, Dr YH Leow
Singapore Med J, 2000: 41 (4): 156-160

The Psoriasis Patient and work
Dr YH Leow, Prof Goh CL
In: Handbook of Occupational Dermatology. 2000; 273-274

Management of anogenitals warts.
Dr HH Tan
NSC Bulletin, 2000; Vol 11 (1) 22-23

Problem Orientated Slide Quiz.
Dr Chua SH
NSC Bulletin, 2000; Vol 11 (1) 14-16

Approach to a Photosensitive Rash
Dr YK Kwok
NSC Bulletin, 2000; Vol 11 (1) 4-6

A Typical Neurofibromatosis-1 Simulating Segmental Neurofibromatosis
Dr D Tran, A/Prof Giam YC
NSC Bulletin, 2000; Vol 11 (1) 10-11

Mycosis fungoides in young patients seen in Singapore
Dr E.Tan, Dr YK Tay, Prof GiamYC
Pediatric Dermatology, 2000; Vol 17 (5) 353-356

Dermatological Diseases and Drug Therapy in Pregnancy
Prof Goh CL
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Communications, 2000, 2(1): 19-22

Epidemiology of eczematous cheilitis at a tertiary dermatological referral centre in Singapore
Dr Lim SW, Prof Goh CL
Contact Dermatitis, 2000; 43: 322-326

Factors influencing pain outcome in herpes zoster: an observational study with valaciclovir. Valaciclovir International Zoster Assessment Group.
Decroix J, Partsch H, Gonzalez R, Mobacken H, Prof Goh CL, Walsh L, Shukla S, Naisbett B
J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol, 2000 Jan; 14 (1): 23-33

Double-bind, right/left comparison of calcipotriol ointment and betamethasone ointment in the treatment of Prurigo nodularis
Dr Wong SS, Prof Goh CL
Arch Dermatol, 2000 Jun; 136(6):807-808.


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