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 Scientific Publications - 2011

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 Scientific Publications - 2011


Angiopoietin-like 4 protein elevates the pro-survival intracellular O2¯:H2O2 ratio and confers anoikis resistance to tumors.
PC Zhu, MJ Tan, RL Huang, CK Tan, HC Chong, M Pal, CRI Lam, P Boukamp, JY Pan, SH Tan, S Kersten, HY Li, JL Ding, NS Tan
Cancer Cell
2011; 19: 401–415.

Filaggrin Null Mutations Are Not a Protective Factor for Acne Vulgaris.
Common JE, Brown SJ, Haines RL, Goh CS, Chen H, Balakrishnan A, Munro CS, Tan AW, Tan HH, Tang MBY, Lane EB
J Invest Dermatol.

Cowhage-induced itch as an experimental model for pruritus. A comparative study with histamine
Papoiu DPA, Tey HL, Coghill RC, Wang Hui, Gil Yosipovitch
PLoS One.
2011; 14;6(3):e17786.

TAK1 regulates SCF expression to modulate Angiopoietin-Like 4 Regulates Epidermal Differentiation
Pal M, Tan MJ, Huang RL, Goh YY, Wang XL, Tang MB, Tan NS
PloS one

Variation in allergen content over time of arylates/methacrylates in patch test preparations
Goon ATJ, Bruze M, Zimerson E, Sorensen O, Goh CL, Koh SQD, Isaksson M
British J Dermatol

Juvenile Psoriasis in European And Asian Children: Similarities and Differences
Chiam LYT, Jager De MEA, Giam YC, Jong De Van PCM, Seyger MMB
British J Dermatol

Targeted treatment of prurtitus: a look into the future
Tey HL, Gil Yosipovitch
British J Dermatol
2011; 165:5-17.

Wide spectrum of filaggrin-null mutations in atopic dermatitis highlights differences between Singaporean Chinese and European populations.
Chen H, Common JE, Haines RL, Balakrishnan A, Brown SJ, Goh CS, Cordell HJ, Sandilands A, Campbell LE, Kroboth K, Irvine AD, Goh DL, Tang MBY, van Bever HP
Lane EB
British J Dermatol
 2011 165(1):106-114.

Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans: 35 patients treated with Mohs micrographic surgery using paraffin sections
Tan WP,  Barlow RJ,  Robson A,  Kurwa HA,  McKenna J, Mallipeddi R
British J Dermatol

Meta-analysis of randomized, controlled trials comparing griseofulvin and terbinafine in the treatment of tinea capitis
Tey HL, Tan LSA, Chan CY
J AM Acad Dermatol

Epidermolysis Bullosa Pruriginosa Masquerading as Psychogenic Pruritus
Tey HL, Andrew D.LEE, Noor Almaani, John A. McGrath, Gil Yosipovitch
Archives of Dermatology

Infectious Complications of tattooing
Pan JY, Hay RJ
ACTA Derm Venereol
2011; VOL 91(1);3-4.

Cutaneous granulomas in ataxia telangiectasia and other primary immunodeficiencies: reflection of inappropriate immune regulation? Chiam LY,, Verhagen MM,, Haraldsson A,, Wulffraat N,, Driessen GJ,, Netea MG,, Weemaes CM,, Seyger MM,, van Deuren M.
Dermatology .

Periorbital Hyperpigmentation in Asians: An Epidemiologic Study and a Proposed Classification.
Ranu H,, Thng S,, Goh BK,, Burger A,, Goh CL
Dermatol Surg.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Presenting as Stevens-Johnsons Syndrome and toxic Epidermal Necrolysis: a report of three cases
Lee HY, Tey HL, Pang SM, T.Thirumoorty
2011; 20:647-652.

Sexually transmitted infections in Asia and the Pacific - an epidemiological snapshot
Roy Chan K W
Sex Transm Infect

A study of serum concentrations and dermal levels of NGP in atopic dermatitis and healthy subjects.
Alexandru Papoiu, Hui Wang, Leigh Nattkemper, Tey HL, Yozo Ishiuji, Yiong-Huak Chan, Martin Schmelz, Yosipovitch Gil
2011; 45(6):417-22.

Revised minimal baseline series of the International Contact Dermatitis Research Group: evidence-based approach.
Alikhan A, Cheng LS, Ale I, Andersen KE, Bruze M,  Eun HC, Goh CL, Goossens A, Lachapelle JM McFadden J, Nixon R, Sasseville D, Maibach HI

Correlation between stated and measured concentrations of Acrylate and Methacrylate
Allergens in Patch-Test.
Goon TJA, Magus B, Erik K, Osten S, Goh CL, Koh SQD, Isaksson M
2011; 22(1) 27-32.

Differential expression of FAS-L and cytotoxic granule proteins in maculopapular rashes of viral and drug origin
Wang EC, Lee JS, Tan AW, Tang MBY
Journal of Cutaneous Pathology

Chronic actinic dermatitis in Asian skin: a Singaporean experience.
Tan AW, Lim KS, Theng C, Chong WS .
Photodermatol Photoimmunol Photomed .

HIV infection among men who have sex with men in East and South-East Asia – time for action
Sin How Lim,  Roy Chan
Sexual Health
2011, 8(1), 5–8.

Case of primary localized cutaneous amyloidosis with protean clinical manifestations: Lichen, poikiloderma-like, dyschromic and bullous variants
NS Chandran, BK Goh, SS Lee, CL Goh
Japanese Dermatological Association
The Journal of Dermatology

Toward evidence-based practice in acne: Consensus of an Asian Working Group.
Abad-Casintahan F, Chow SK, Goh CL, Kubba R, Miyachi Y, Noppakun N, See J, Suh DH, Yang LC, Kang S
Japanese Dermatological Association
The Journal of Dermatology

Hyperkeratotic follicular spicules associated with Propionibacterium acnes with response to Erythromycin.
Chia HY, Tey HL, Lee JS
Japanese Dermatological Association
The Journal of Dermatology

Clinical characteristics of childhood psoriasis in a multi-ethnic Asian population.
Chandran NS, Gao F, Goon AT, Chong WS, Giam YC, Theng CT.
Japanese Dermatological Association
The Journal of Dermatology

Dermatology referrals in an East Asian tertary hospital: a need for inpatient medical dermatology.
Tay LK, Lee HY. Thirumoorthy. Pang SM
Clinical and Experimental Dermatology
2011, 36(2)129-134.

I have spikes on my hands
A.N Feneran, Tey HL, K.C Millst, G. Yosipovitch
Clinical and Experimental Dermatology
36, p923-924.

Hematological abnormalities and the use of
granulocyte-colony-stimulating factor in patients with Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis
Ang Chia Chun, Tay YK
International Journal of Dermatology

Lepromatous leprosy in erythema nodosum leprosum reaction mimicking Sweet’s syndrome
Yee-Kiat Heng, YT Lynn Chiam, Yoke-Chin Giam, Wei-Sheng Chong
International Journal Dermatology
2011; 50(9): 1124–1125.

Extensive Hyperpigmented Plaques in a Chinese Singaporean Woman: A Case of Cutaneous Plasmacytosis
Lee JS, Chiam L, Tan KB, Salto-Tellez M, Tan SH, Ong BH, Ng SK
The American Journal of Dermatopathology

A verrucous 'tumour' on the scalp.
Tan LS, Tey HL
Annals of Academy of Medicine Singapore
2011, Vol 40 No. 8

A Case of Myeloid Sarcoma with Unusually Extensive and Rapidly Progressive Skin Manifestations
EST Tan, MBY Tang, KYK Guan, JSS Lee, L Cerroni, SH Tan
Annals Academy of Medicine Singapore
2011, Vol 40 No. 9

Tumour-like presentations of anogenital herpes simplex in HIV-positive patients
Ranu H, Lee J, Chio M, Sen P
International Journal of STD & AIDS

Pruritus is a Common and Significant Symptom of Acne
Dr Lim YL, Dr Chan YH, Dr Yosipovitch G, Prof Greaves MW
J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol

Psoriasis And The Metabolic Syndrome
Dr Theng TSC
Dermatol Bulletin

A Comparison of NB-UVB and PUVA
in the Treatment of Vitiligo
Pan Jiun Yit, Robert P.E. Sarkany
2011; 5, 95-106.

Use of complementary and alternative medicine among dermatology outpatients in Singapore
See A, Teo B, Kwan R, Lim R, Lee J, Tang BYM, Verkooijen MH
Austral J of Dermatol

Perspectives in the treatment of pruritus: focus on new strategies
Tey HL, Gil Yosipovitch
Drugs of the future 2011
36(2): 115-121.

Flagellate Dermatitis following consumption of shiitake mushroom
Hazel H. Oon
Dermatology Reports 2011;
Volume 3:e21
pg 47-48.

Narrowband UVB-induced lichen planus pemphigolde.
Mandy Chan WM, Joyce Lee SS, Colin Theng ST, Chua Sze Hon, Hazel Oon HB
Dermatology Reports 2011
Volume 3:e43

Treatment of Pseudofolliculitis in trichotillomania improves outcome.
Hazel Oon HB, Joyce Lee SS
International Journal of Trichology 2011
Volume 3
Issue 2: 92-95.

Patients’ perception of health services for sexually transmitted infections in Singapore
Chio TW, Ong CW, Sen P, Tan HH, Hu Y, Chan R
Singapore Med J
2011; 52(7) : 496-501.

Genetic Hair Shaft Disorders Seen in National Skin Centre
Giam YC
Derm Bulletin

Leukotrichotillomania: The Repetitive Pulling of White or Gray Hairs Resulting in Alopecia
Joyce Lee SS
Derm Bulletin

A Retrospective Study of Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia in the National Skin Centre Singapore
Yap Siew Fei, Tan Kian Teo, Joyce Lee SS
Derm Bulletin

Hypotrichosis Simplex of the Scalp in a Child
Giam YC
Derm Bulletin

Successful Treatment of Median Nail Dystropy Aggravated by Nail Fold Eczema
Tham Wei Ying, Joyce Lee SS
Derm Bulletin

Onychomadesis Associated with Childhood Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease
Joyce Lee, Tay Liang Kiat
Derm Bulletin


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