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​​​​​​PUBLICATIONS 20​20






1 Techniques and Applications in Skin OCT Analysis
Yow Ai Ping
Ruchir Srivastava
Cheng Jun
Li Annan
Liu Jiang
Leopold Schmetterer
Tey Hong Liang
Damon Wong WK​​
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 2020;1213:149-163
​2 ​Fibroblastic Rheumatism Versus Variant Disease of Multinucleate Cell Angiohistiocytoma ​Sophie Carrie Cai S
Tee Shang-Ian
Joyce Lee SS​
Lucinda Tan SY
​American Journal of Dermatopathology
2020 Feb;42(2):136-139
​3 ​A rare case of acral persistent papular mucinosis ​Joseph Toh JH
Nicholas Goh SG
​Wang Ding Yuan
​Clinical Case Reports
2020 Feb;8(2):344-346
​4 ​A plaque under cover ​Kuan Ling Yee
Martin Chio TW
Tee Shang-Ian
​International Journal of Dermatology
2020 Mar;59(3):303-304
​5 ​Immune cell regulation of the hair cycle ​Etienne Wang CE
Claire Higgins A
​Experimental Dermatology
2020 Mar;29(3):322-333
​6 ​Efficacy and Safety of a New Cosmeceutical Regimen Based on the Combination of Snail Secretion Filtrate and Snail Egg Extract to Improve Signs of Skin Aging ​Vanessa Lim ZY
Angeline Yong AN
Melissa Tan WP
Zhao Xiahong
Maria Vitale
Goh Chee Leok
​Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology
2020 Mar;13(3):31-36
​7 ​Automated grading of acne vulgaris by deep learning with convolutional neural networks ​Vanessa Lim ZY
Farhan Akram
Cuong Phuc Ngo
Amadeus Aristo Winarto
Lee Wei Qing
Liang Kaicheng
​Hazel Oon HB
Steven Thng TG
Lee Hwee Kuan

​Skin Research & Technology
2020 Mar;26(2):187-192
​8 ​Associations between health-related quality of life and health care costs among children with atopic dermatitis and their caregivers: A cross-sectional study ​Maja Olsson
Ram Bajpai
Yew Yik Weng
Mark Jean Aan Koh
Steven Thng TG
Josip Car
Krister Jarbrink
​Pediatric Dermatology
2020 Mar/Apr;37(2):284-293
​9 ​Ultraviolet-A1 phototherapy in Asian skin: A review of 159 cases in Singapore ​Brian Chia KY
Gabriel Chia SZ
Eugene Tan ST
Virlynn Tan WD
Chong Wei Sheng
​Indian Journal of Dermatology Venereologyy Leprology
2020 Mar/Apr;86(2):162-168
​10 ​Indurated Skin and Iron Overload--the Missing Link ​Cao Taige​
Chia Hui Yi
Joyce Lee SS
Chong Wei Sheng
Heng Yee Kiat
​Annals Academy of Medicine, Singapore
2020 Apr;49(4):268-270
​11 ​Validating high-definition optical coherence tomography in filament measurements: a tool for in vivo measurement of hair shaft diameters​ ​Melissa Chan MH
Tey Hong Liang
​Skin Research & Technology
2020 May;26(3):447-448
​12 ​The cost of childhood atopic dermatitis in a multi-ethnic Asian Population: a cost-of-illness study ​Maja Olsson
Ram Bajpai
Yew Yik Weng
Mark Jean Aan Koh
Steven Thng TG
Krister Jarbrink
​British Journal of Dermatology
2020 May;182(5):1245-1252
​13 ​Recommendations for rosacea diagnosis, classification and management: update from the global ROSacea COnsensus 2019 panel ​M. Schaller
L.M.C. Almeida
A. Bewley
B. Cribier
J. Del Rosso
N.C. Dlova
R.L. Gallo
R.D. Granstein
G. Kautz
M.J. Mannis
G. Micali
Hazel Oon HB
M. Rajagopalan
M. Steinhoff
E. Tanghetti
D. Thiboutot
P. Troielli
G. Webster
M. Zierhut
E.J. van Zuuren
J. Tan
​British Journal of Dermatology
2020 May;182(5):1269-1276
​14 ​Tips on managing delusion of parasitosis from a psychocutaneous clinic ​Giam Yoke Chin
Chan KL
​Hong Kong Journal of Dermatology and Venereology
2020 Mar-Jun;28:17-18
​15 ​Afamelanotide implants and narrow-band ultraviolet B phototherapy for the treatment of nonsegmental vitiligo in Asians ​Joseph Toh JH
Chuah Sai Yee
Anjali Jhingan
Chong Wei Sheng
Steven Thng TG
​Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology
2020 Jun;82(6):1517-1519
​16 ​Nail manifestations in atopic dermatitis: a systematic review ​Chng Wei Qiang
Yew Yik Weng​
​International Journal of Dermatology
2020 Jun;59(6):670-676

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