Billing Information

After your consultation, the clinic counter will present you with a bill, with details of services rendered for payment. You will also be informed of any need for a follow-up visit. This could be either one of the following:

Follow-up appointment:

Your next visit is on a fixed date and time. An Appointment Booking Deposit will be payable in advance. The Appointment Deposit will be refunded to you on your last visit to NSC. 

Open date:

You may call to fix a date within the 24-month* period after your last consultation visit with us. If you come back after the 24-month* period, you will be seen as a first visit, of which the relevant consultation fees will apply. There is usually a waiting time for appointments.

*Revision of open date duration is effective for follow-up appointment made after 1 September 2016. 


You are not required to return for any more follow-up consultations. The Appointment Deposit will be refunded to you on your last visit to NSC. If you need to come back after being discharged, you will need to have the relevant referral letters in order to be seen in our subsidised clinics.

Payment modes accepted at NSC

You can make your payment by Cash, Nets, or Credit Card (Masters/VISA) over the counter
Alternatively for Visa and MasterCard credit card holder, you may visit AXS website (http://www.axs.com.sg/) to make your payment.

To begin your payment transaction online: Select AXS e-station > Pay Bills > Healthcare > National Skin Centre. When making payment online, users are required to pay to NSC by entering bill number begin​s with B (eg. B_ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ) and provide authentication with credit card number, expiry date, CVV number and OTP.

Note:  Leave the name of the tab "blank"if you do not wish to show this tab.