Pharmacy Services


NSC Pharmacy stocks a wide range of prescription medications and retail products for the treatment of skin conditions. We also accept valid external prescriptions from other local healthcare institutions and private clinics (subject to availability of the medication).

NSC Pharmacy Operating Hours

Monday to Friday​
​8am - 5.30pm
(Last walk-in registration: 5pm)
​Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays
​Eve of Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year
​8am - 12.30pm
(Last walk-in registration: 12pm)

​List of Services We Provide​​​

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Medication Dispensing & Counselling

NSC Pharmacy handles about 14,000 prescriptions a month. With the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), our Pharmacy operates in a paperless environment. Where prescriptions are routed to our pharmacy after consultation.

Our pharmacists can provide the following advice during medication counselling to help you to use your medicines for the best possible outcome for your medical condition:

  • What are your medicines used for
  • Safe, correct and effective way to use your medicines
  • What to do if a dose is missed
  • Management of side effects
  • Precautions to take
  • Potential interaction of your medicines with other medicines or food
  • Correct application of topical medicines
  • Dietary and lifestyle management
  • Storage of medicines

For information on some common dermatological medications, click here.

Minor Ailments & Self-Medication Services

NSC Pharmacy stocks over-the-counter and Pharmacy-only medications (dispensed by a pharmacist without a doctor’s prescription) for the treatment of minor ailments such as fever, pain, cough and cold, itch, gastric problems, diarrhoea, etc.

Our Pharmacists are able to provide advice on how to manage these minor ailments, recommend non-prescription medicines, or refer you to the doctor if necessary.

E​​ZY Pickup / Medication Delivery Services

Ty​​pe of Medication Refill Service

EZY Pickup​

Medication Delivery


These services are for patients who have:
  • Balance of uncollected medications from past NSC prescriptions issued with 1 year from the prescribed date, AND
  • Taken/used the medications before with NO change in dosing regimen/instructions​

Mode of receiving medications

Collection at NSC Pharmacy

@ Cashier 1 or 2

Doorstep delivery

Receive your medications within

2 – 3 working days^  

(8am to 5pm)

4 – 5 working days^

(2pm to 6pm)

Service Fee

Not applicable

1st delivery  within the month


2nd and each subsequent delivery within the month


Redelivery for each failed delivery


How to order?

Step 1:

Order online via NSC Medication Refill form

Step 2:

Select “I have an existing prescription, to arrange for EZY Pickup Service​” and complete the rest of the form

Select “I have an existing prescription, to arrange for Medication Delivery Service” and complete the rest of the form

Terms and conditions*

Pre-ordered medications which are NOT collected 5 working days^ from the scheduled pickup date will be voided. Please submit a new order or proceed to Pharmacy Counter 9 for registration for medication collection.

For safety and storage reasons, medications will NOT be left unattended at doorsteps. Please ensure that there is someone at the indicated delivery address to receive your medications on the scheduled delivery date/ time.

^ Working days are defined as weekdays (Mondays to Fridays, excluding Public Holidays)
* Please refer to the NSC Medication Refill form for the full list of Terms and Conditions

Request for Prescription Repeat / Top-up Prescription


a) Type of Medication(s)
​b) Medication(s) must be prescribed in NSC within the last
​c) Follow-up appointment#
​Medications requiring close monitoring (e.g. oral immunosuppressant, oral antibiotics/ antivirals, biologics)
​6 months
Must have​
​All other medications
​12 months
​Strongly encouraged to have
You need to:
​​Subm​it request ​via He​althHub
  • Select "Request For Medication Top-Up"
​Upon receipt of your request:
Your request will be screened for eligibility​​​. We may contact you if more information is required.

Your request will then be submitted to your NSC doctor for approval.
  • ​For clinical safety, our doctor will review your request before issuing a repeat prescription.
  • The final prescribed medication(s) and quantity is subject to the doctor's decision and may differ from your request.
You will then be informed if the request has been approved or rejected.

If approved, you may request for EZY Pickup or Medication Delivery Services.
​Admin Fee^
(after GST)

​Private Patients
​Subsidized Patients

Expected Processing Time
3​​ w​orking days*
​ ​

# For appointment booking, please email appointment​​, or call appointment centre at 6350 6666.  ^ Admin fee is not covered by Medisave and 3rd party payers (e.g. MCPS, medication assistance funds).                                                                                                                                                        * Working days are defined as weekdays (Mondays to Fridays, excluding Public Holidays).​​

Quit Smoking Counselling

Smoking increases the risk of stroke, heart and lung diseases, cancers of the mouth, throat, lungs, stomach and skin. It causes premature wrinkles and sagging skin, greying and loss of hair and slows down wound healing.

Smoking is also associated with worsening of some skin conditions such as psoriasis, genital warts, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) and others.

Smokers are encouraged to quit smoking for better health. There is also evidence that smokers with skin conditions achieve better treatment outcome when they quit.

Quit Smoking Counselling Service

In our quit smoking counselling servi​ce, personalised one-to-one counselling will be provided by a pharmacist certified in Quit Smoking counselling. The pharmacist aims to achieve the following:

  • Assess smoker’s level of nicotine addiction, smoking habits and stage of readiness
  • Counsel on quit tips and a personalised quit plan
  • Recommend suitable Nicotine Replacement Therapy if needed
  • Help cope with withdrawal symptoms
  • Support and guidance with relapses

The estimated duration of the first session is about 30 minutes, and subsequent follow-up sessions about 15 minutes.

Appointment for Quit Smoking Counselling

NSC patients may ask your doctor for a referral to our Quit Smoking Counselling Services, or approach any of our pharmacists directly.

Alternatively, please Ask NSC Pharmacist to make an appointment.

Sun Protection Counselling

Sun Protection Counselling is a pharmacist-led service that offers advice on sun avoidance. This will benefit patients with photosensitive skin conditions and those who need to avoid further photo damage.

A typical session lasts about 20 to 30 minutes, and is conducted in a one-to-one setting by a pharmacist. Our pharmacists encourage ideal sun protection habits, and are able to recommend tips for suitable selection and usage of sun protective clothing, apparel and sunscreens.

The objectives of the Sun Protection Counselling Service are:

  • To raise awareness of sun protection
  • To educate patients to adopt long-lasting sun protection habits
  • To educate patients to adhere to the correct use of sunscreens
  • To improve management of skin disease

Selected sun protective apparel is also available in our Pharmacy.

NSC patients who need detailed counselling may ask your doctor for a referral. Non-NSC patients may request for counselling by approaching any of our pharmacists directly at the Pharmacy.