Pharmacy Services


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Is this medication available in NSC?

​You may check the general availability of the medication from National Drug Formulary (NDF) database. Please click here​ for a guide on how to navigate the database.                                      

Note that this database does not indicate actual quantity of stocks available in NSC and the supply restrictions. 

For medications that are not found in the NDF database, please Ask NSC Pharmacist or call (65) 6350 8456 to confirm the availability.

How do I refill my prescription using EZY Pickup or Medication Delivery Services?

You may refill your past NSC prescription using EZY Pickup or Medication Delivery Services. Please refer to section "EZY Pickup / Medication Delivery Services" under Pharmacy Services​ for more information.

I have run out of medication(s) / lost my medication(s) / postponed appointment with inadequate medication(s). What should I do?

​​​You may request for repeat prescription for your previous medication(s). Please refer to section "Request for Prescription Repeat / Top-up Prescription" under Pharmacy Services for more information.

Can I request for home delivery of retail items sold in NSC Pharmacy?

If you would like to purchase retail items and engage our delivery service, ​​​please fill up an e-form here.

To note:

  1. The delivery fee is $9 for parcel up to 5kg per trip and $15 for 5-20kg per trip.
  2. The delivery takes at least 4 working days to process.
  3. Please ensure someone is at the delivery address to receive the parcel on the scheduled delivery day and time to avoid levy of a surcharge for an unsuccessful delivery.
  4. Payment for your medication may be by VISA/ MASTER.
Can I request for home delivery for non-NSC prescription?

​​We do not offer home delivery for non-NSC prescription. You may choose to fill your prescription at any retail pharmacies (Guardian, Watsons, Unity) or at NSC pharmacy during our operating hours, subject to stock availability and supply restrictions.

Can I fill medication(s) from an expired prescription?

We are unable to supply medication(s) from an expired prescription. Please make an appointment to consult our doctor.

For appointment booking, please email appointment, or call appointment centre at (65) 6350 6666.​

How can I obtain a copy of my past prescription?

​In view of patient's confidentiality, patient would need to complete a ​Consent for Release of Medical Information F​orm​. Please Ask NSC Pharmacist to submit your request.

How can I obtain a copy of my invoice?

​You may view your previous bills from the past 12 months via HealthHub:

  1. Log in to HealthHub with your Singpass
  2. Select "Payments"
  3. Select Patient
  4. Select "National Healthcare Group"
  5. Under "History" tab, download the selected bill

How can I pay for any outstanding bill?

You may make payment for your outstanding bill(s) via HealthHub:​

  1. Log in to HealthHub with your Singpass
  2. Select "Payments"
  3. Select Patient
  4. Select "National Healthcare Group"
  5. Under "Current" tab, select the bill(s) which you wish to make payment for. You can view the details of each medical bill by clicking on the invoice number.
  6. Click "PAY"
  7. On payment page, enter your mobile number and email address to receive the payment acknowledgement and select your payment options
  8. Once payment has been made, a payment acknowledgement page with receipt ID will be shown. This acknowledgement will also be sent to the email address you have provided​

Can I request a copy of my client's/ employee's medical report to process his/ her insurance claim?

​We are unable to release patient's medical information to 3rd party due to patient confidentialty. Please kindly inform patient to obtain a medical report via our medical report office​.​