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General Clinic

General Clinic 

Non-subsidised Clinics

The Non-subsidised clinics are available to all Singaporean and Permanent Residents as well as international patients. They offer a more personalised service to patients. The professional level of service however, remains the same as the subsidised clinics.

​Subsidised Clinics

Subsidised services are available to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents who are referred by doctors from subsidised clinics of a public health institution, polyclinics or SAF medical centres.

Subspecialty Clinics

​​Subspecialty Clinics

Patients with specialised conditions are subsequently referred to subspecialty clinics. Patients are seen at our general clinics first before they can be referred to the subspecialty clinic.

  • Acne Clinic
  • Contact Dermatitis and Joint Occupational Dermatoses Unit
  • Cutaneous Infection Unit
  • Dermatological and Laser Surgery Unit
  • Drug Eruption Clinic
  • Eczema Clinic
  • Hair and Nail Clinic
Mandalay Clinic Laser (MAC) & Procedures

​​Mandalay Clinic Laser (MAC) & Procedures

The Mandalay Clinic Laser Suites are equipped with a comprehensive range of cosmetic lasers.

List of Services:

  • MiXto SX CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment
  • Filler Injection / Sculptra
  • Botulinum Toxin
  • Carbon Dioxide Laser Treatment
  • Cellular grafting for Vitiligo
Pharmacy Services

​​The NSC Pharmacy stocks a wide range of prescription medications and retail products for the treatment of skin conditions.​

Laboratory Services

​​Laboratory Services

The Laboratory Department has staff consisting of 13 Medical Technologists and a Research Assistant to enhance the standard of patient care.
Care & Counselling

​​The Medical Social Workers in our department attend to patients and their families who have difficulty in coping with their emotional, psychological and social issues arising from their skin conditions.

Our Services:

  • Counselling
  • Financial & Practical Assistance
  • Support Groups


At the National Skin Centre, teleconsultation involves the use of video ​or phone communication supplemented by evaluation of photographs.

Upon assessment, teleconsultation may be offered for subsequent follow up if your condition is suitable.