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​​​​​Non-cultured cellular grafting

Non-cultured cellular grafting is an innovative surgical technique that transplants an individual's own pigment cells onto his / her vitiligo patches, without the need of growing the cells in the laboratory.

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Pre-Procedure Instructions for Non-cultured Cellular Grafting

1. What is the cost of Cellular Grafting?

The co​st ranges from $2200 - $4800 depending on the extent of the condition.

Subsidies are applicable for patients who are referred from Polyclinics.

Subsidised cost ranges from $1100- $2400.

Medisave can be used to pay for the procedure within a capped amount.

For CSC holders, please produce your CSC card upon registration.​

2. How long is the procedure time?

The procedure, including the processing time for Cellular grafting, would take approximately 3-4 hours to complete.

 3. How do I prepare for the procedure?

The procedure is done under local anaesthesia injection.

  • Take a light meal before coming. You do not need to fast.
  • Avoid wearing jewelleries or nail polish.
  • Wear comfortable clothes preferably front button top if the surgery site is on the facial area.
  • Avoid wearing tight pants if the surgery is on the lower extremities.
  • Continue to take your medications for your medical condition on the day of surgery.

A nurse will assess your vital signs and general condition on your arrival to the clinic.

If you are unwell, please call the appointment call centre at 62534455 to reschedule.​

4. What is the downtime for this procedure?

You are required to keep the dressing over the recipient site clean and intact for 1 week.

It is important to not to remove the dressing and avoid rubbing to prevent leakage of cell suspension from the recipient site. After the transplant, the treated areas will remain red for about 2 to 3 weeks.

5. Clinic Location

Procedure Suites, Clinic 4B, Level 4.

National Skin Centre


Post Procedure Instructions for Cellular Grafting:

​1. What happens if there is bleeding or oozing from the Cellular Graft recipient site?

Call the NSC Nurse Telephone Assistance Service number for advice if there is bleeding, oozing, swelling, fever and excessive fluid leakage from the cellular grafting recipient site. DO NOT remove the recipient site dressing at all times.​

Nurse Telephone Assistance Service

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00-5:00pm

Tel: 62534455 (press 1 and extension number 1468 /1469)

2. What can I expect at the Recipient site after Cellular Grafting procedure?

You can anticipate the recipient site dressings to be mildly soaked throughout the entire week following the procedure. You might also notice some yellowish discharge and soreness.

3. What happens if the Recipient site dressing is wet?

Lie flat for 24 hours to prevent fluid leakage from the recipient site. Reinforce the Hypafix dressing if necessary. Keep the Hypafix dressing in place for 1 week. Once the dressing is removed (after 1 week), use the prescribed white soft paraffin for another 1 week.

4. What happens if the Donor site dressing is wet?

Cleanse the donor site wound daily with antiseptic solution. Cover the wound with Comfeel Hydrocolloid Dressing.

5. What happens if I experience pain and/or fever?

Finish the entire course of oral antibiotics and take oral pain relief medication (such as Panadol) if you don't have any allergies to the medication.

6. Are there any food restrictions after Cellular Grafting procedure?

No food restrictions.

7. When can I start exercising after Cellular Grafting procedure?

You should avoid any form of exercise for 7 days after the procedure. You can resume daily activities thereafter but do take precautions to avoid excessive movement or rubbing on the recipient site.​

8. When is my next review with the Doctor at NSC?

You will be seen on the 7th POD by the doctor for a wound review.​